Welcome to the TIO challenge. I am pleased to see you here. Every other Wednesday, I shall dare you to dream up a tag, and will come and look at your blog. I am really looking forward to it.

Also, why not have a look at my blog, DragonsWeb ?? and now there is DragonsDarkerSide, for a different kind of image and challenge!! Thanks

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dreamboat3 - Letter K and Heart

Time for the Dreamboat3 for my last challenge "K" and "Heart". Nine wonderful entries and only 3 to pick.... not an easy decision. .... Drum roll for ....

#1 Catherine
#4 Nikki
#9 Etsuko

I'm glad that Catherine will be our guest designer for my next challenge on October, 8th.

Ladies please take the Dreamboat3 badge for your blog :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

TIO #171 - the letter H and brown

Hi Everyone,
A huge Thank you to you all for Dreaming with us at Dragons Dream Tag it on Challenge every fortnight, all your fabulous inspiration is wonderful...I love visiting you all....
My Choice (May) this fortnight  is the colour Brown & the letter H ...don't forget the only rule is to use at least one real stamp on your tag...have fun.....



Gabrielle - Heart

Helen - Home (or heart)
Julie Ann - Hat!

Silvia - Hand

Elizabeth - Haute Couture
So there you have the fabulous inspiration from the Dream Team,  we would love to see May's choice of  Brown and the letter "H" on your tags, along with at least one real stamp. And as always we love to visit your blogs, so please leave us a link to your tag.
Elizabeth x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Very Late Dreamboats

I am so sorry for being this late in choosing my Dreamboats for the Letter "I" and Butterflies Challenge. So here in not particular order, drum roll please............




Thank you all for your fabulous entries, please feel free to grab the Dreamboat Logo

Joining us on the 10th September as my Guest Designer I am please to say it will be the uber talented
Elizabeth xxx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dreamboat 3 - N and stencils

Hi, Helen here to announce the Dreamboat 3 for my recent challenge, N and use stencils. It wasn't an easy choice, as you all did so well.

I am pleased to announce the Dreamboat 3 are:

No 1 - Deborah
No 7 - Dianne
No 10 - Chris

The guest designer for my next round in the challenge (due in September) is Deborah.

Please take a badge for your blog, ladies.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

TIO #170 - the letter K and a heart

I cannot believe that it's my (Silvia) turn again to give a new letter. .... But first of all a HUGE Thank You for all the wonderful entries for Helen's N challenge. She will come up with her dreamboat3 within short.

I picked "K" and "Heart(s)" ... and of course you've to use at least one real stamp on your tags, we all cannot wait to come around and take a look at your dreams.
Happy to say, that Rein is our Guest designer this week, isn't her Kira tag wonderful ?!

 Rein - Guest Designer - Kira

Gabrielle - Kiss

Julie Ann - King of Hearts

Helen - Kiss


Elizabeth - Kisses

Another great selection of tags to inspire you, from our very talented DT and fabulous guest DT member Rein, thank you for joining us this time.
So we would love to see "Hearts" and the letter "K" used on your tags, along with at least one real stamp. As always we love to visit your blogs and see what you have been creating.
Happy Crafting Elizabeth x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

TIO #169 - the letter N and stencils

Thanks for all your lovely butterfly tags last time round.. we've enjoyed seeing them.  This time, I (Helen) have chosen the letter N and stencils for your new theme; and we welcome Kerstin as guest designer - good to see you Kerstin and thanks for rising to the challenge so well.

Helen - New 

Kerstin - Guest Designer - Nature

Gabrielle - Navigate

MAY - Nesting

Julie Ann - Nibs

Elizabeth - Nature

Fabulous inspiration from the DT including our very talented Guest Designer Kerstin, thank you for joining us this time.
So this time we would love you to share you tags with us, including the letter "N" and a stencil, and as always at least one real stamp. We look forward to seeing your artwork.
Elizabeth x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TIO #168 - The letter "I" and Butterflies

Firstly thank you for all of your fabulous entries in our last challenge.  We are always blown away by the high standard of artwork entered, and the task of choosing the Dreamboats is a hard one!
This time around it's back to me (Elizabeth) to make the recipe choice, so I would love you to dream up a tag with the letter "I" and Butterflies, and as always at least on real stamp on your tag.
Just one quick thing before you check out the DT's amazing tags, can we just say thank you to everyone that supports our challenge, shares their fantastic artwork and leaves such lovely comments for the team, thank you all.
Elizabeth xxx
Elizabeth - Imagination

Gabrielle - Imagine

                                                                          May - Inspire

Helen - Imagination

Julie Ann - Infinity

Silvia - Illusion

Another fabulous selection of tags from our DT, to find out what else they've all been upto, click the link on the sidebar to go over to their blogs.
So there we are, we would love to see the letter "I", Butterflies and as always one real stamp on your tag, can't wait to see your entries.
Elizabeth x