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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#177 - Letter "V" and Feather

Hi, it's Silvia calling :D - Great entries for our W-challenge, we always love to come and see what you are dreaming about. Today it's my turn to give the next letter. I picked "V" and dreamed about "feathers". So folk put on your thinking cap, get your fingers inky, take at least one real stamp and start your dream, we cannot wait to see your tags. :o)

And of course, it's a great pleasure to announce Catherine as our guest designer for the next two weeks. She had a vintage dream with a bird and it's feathers ;)

Don't forget to take a look next Wednesday to see Helen's Dreamboats ;)


Gabrielle - Verse

Jacqui - Valentine


Helen - Vanity

Julie Ann Venture

Elizabeth - Vintage Feathers

So lots of inspiration from our fabulous guest designer Catherine and the fantastic design team to get the creative juices flowing!
And as Silvia has already said please don't forget to use at least one real stamp on your tags along with her recipe of the letter "V" and Feather's of some sort, be them real or stamped, and have fun!
Elizabeth xxx


Dianne said...

Hello Sylvia, all the tags are gorgeous and full of inspiration, this challenge is dear and near to my Magpie heart can, wait to play Catherine guest spot tag is gorgeous, thanks for sharing.. Hope you all have a wonderful week...

Rein said...

Wonderful samples!